MACS: Mi’kmaq Association for Cultural Studies

Mi’kmaq Family (Migmaoei Otjiosog) (DVD)

Art and Craft

Alan Syliboy

A Brief Glimpse of Mi'kmaq Life: Objects from the McCord Collection

Building Legends: The Mi’kmaq canoe project (DVD)

Caroline Gould: Baskets

Indigenous Arts Network

Kwa’nu’te: Micmac and Maliseet Artists (DVD)

Mi’kmaq Reclaiming History

Nations in a Circle

Our Lives In Our Hands: Basket making 

Tradition, Change and Survival: Mi'kmaq Tourist Art

Cultural Heritage Centres

Bear River First Nation Heritage and Cultural Centre

Glooscap Heritage Centre

Mi'kmawey Debert Cultural Centre

Membertou Heritage Park

The Mi’kmaq Resource Centre

Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre

Dance, Music and Performance

The Candy Show (DVD)

Eastern Eagle

Elmiet (DVD)


Experience Drum - Mi'kmaq History

First Nations Song Writing Sessions

Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow "What the Elders Have to Say"

Kiju’s Boys (DVD)

Lee Cremo (links to Youtube videos)

Lone Cloud

The Mi’kmaq Of Eastern Canada : Our Dances Today

Pow-wow Protocol

Regaling the World

Songs from Cape Breton's Mi’kmaq Song Tradition

A Tribe Called Mi’kmaq

Food and Recipes

“Four Cents”: Fry Bread (DVD)

Hunting and Fishing

Luskinkn: Bannock (DVD)

Mawiomi: A gathering place for sharing foods, recipes and stories

Mi’kmaq Recipes

Knowledge from Elders

APCFNC Elders Project - Honouring Traditional Knowledge

Do You Remember?

Four Directions Teachings: Mi’kmaq

Kisiku'k Wklusuwaqnmuow "What the Elders Have to Say"

Mi’kmaw Oral Histories

The Mi’kmaq Way (DVD)


Aboriginal Language: Mi’kmaq

Jilaptoq Mi’kmaw Language Centre


Mi'gmaq/Mi’kmaq Talking On-Line Dictionary Project

Mi’maq Language Centre of Excellence (Esaksoni School)

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Ideograms
Mi’kmaq Spirit: Orthographies

Netukulimk: Sustainable Livelihoods

The American Eel

Eel fishing in Eskasoni

Ikanawtiket : Environmental Respect

Institute for Integrative Science and Health

Mawqatmuti’kw: We All Live Together

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Daily Life


Oneness with Nature

Our Nationhood (DVD)

Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources: Mi’kmaq Sustainable Resources

Spirituality and Organized Religion

"What the Elders Have to Say": Chapel Island Mission (DVD)

"What the Elders Have to Say": Elders Talk about Traditions

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Spirituality

Mi’kmaw Spirituality and Organized Religion
Prayers in Mi’kmaw

Religious Traditions of the Micmac of Newfoundland


St. Kateri Tekakwitha

Sports and Games

Entertainment and Recreation

Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games

Parkour Pioneer (DVD)


"What the Elders Have to Say": Learn to Play Waltes (DVD)

Stories and Storytellers

Atookwakuns:  Wondertales!

Catherine Martin: Film Maker

Four Directions Teachings: Mi’kmaq

Jeff Barnaby: : Film Maker 

"What the Elders Have to Say": Stories (DVD)

Legends of Katew

Little Thunder (DVD)

Mi’kmaw Oral Histories

Mi’kmaq Spirit: Oral Traditions

The Mi’kmaq Way

Mi’kmaq Women Who Married Star Husbands 

Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters (DVD)

Summer Legend (DVD)

Talking Books